About Steeve

Open Sourcerer-at-Large and Principal at ahr WebSpace Consulting and Development.

Portfolio Highlights

Node Stacks:

React Credits:

Several React-focused samples including Redux, Redux-Persist, Bootstrap or Material layout and styling, create-react-app, WebPack, and more.


VueJS Credits:

PWA rewrite of the VegRDS Angular recipes-plugin. @vue/cli 3, Webpack, Babel, Jest, vue-router, vuex, vuex-persist, axios, Docker/Mongo stores, Materialize,SaaS, Markdown

Another pluggable library consuming Meetup.com API with a token, suitable for a supporting website for a group.


Demo: https://vegrds.dharmiweb.net/ > My Account > My Recipes Listing

Php Full-Stacks:

tAppAds SaaS based CCDP - a Categorized Content Directory Platform

Hybrid Full-Stack – MEAN/(MEA²N), LEMP, LoopBack Node.js API Framework, Docker, MongoDB, Bootstrap, MaterializeCSS, Custom JavaScript modules, SASS, SystemJS, Webpack, Angular4+/TypeScript with ngrx/store centralized application state management and observable streams.

VegRDS βeta²

Vegan Recipes Directory Service production beta release. Multi-stores backend. Integrates VegRds View.js Plugin.


The full-featured tAppAds Kiosk implementation. Client admin requires Authentication.


Fatal Encounters Directory by locale. Scraped Google Sheets data stores.

Currently does not resolve due to dns changes but demo can be arranged.


acapF™ Application Control and Processing Framework

Back-End LEMP-Stack Framework with integrated Front-End libraries Bootstrap 3, Materialize, Node.js/Rollup front-end, and more…

Demo: acapF.dharmiWeb.net

Docs: acapF API

MifTerialize Tree

Modern Material Design Tree. MooTools-Powered with rich hooks, controls, and options, and built with WebPack and friends. A rewrite of a classic.

Repo: mifterialize-tree